Let’s Go Fly a Kite!

photo credit: Victoria Pickering

There is just something about a kite and harnessing the wind through a vivid array of flying colors. This is one of my favorite photos of my son, then age 4. The length in his stride, the absolute glee of actually getting the kite to fly by himself, and the determination to keep the kite airborne as long as possible were palpable that day. Amazingly, this was a paper kite that he made in preschool, which held the air in its sails much better than our store bought kites.

3-30-2015 4-37-35 PM
Hand made kite is flying! June 2010

Kite flying requires skill, patience, luck and the right amount of wind. Kites have been around for centuries. Although we often think of them as a child’s toy, historically they were used by adults and children alike. Kites were invented in China, in the 5th century. Later, kites were used for scientific research, including by Benjamin Franklin in discovering electricity and as wind exploration for the Wright Brothers in designing the first plane. Click here to learn more about the interesting history of kites.

If you want to check out kites in action, consider attending the upcoming free local Kite Festival at Dorey Park on Saturday, April 4 from 10 am-1 pm. If you have never experienced a kite festival, it is quite a treat. There will be hundreds of colorful kites dotting the skyline, dipping, diving and careening through the sky. At the festival there will be both seasoned kite enthusiasts, as well as beginners. The best thing about the kite festival is that you have lots of opportunities to watch others as you try to get your kite airborne and can learn the best strategy from neighboring kite fliers.

Kite vendors will be selling kites at the festival. Some of the kites are quite elaborate (and pricy), but they typically have “basic kites” available for purchase. And, Dorey Park is even giving away free kites (while supplies last). Food will also be available for purchase from local food trucks.

When was the last time YOU flew a kite? 


Kite Day
Dorey Park
April 4, 2015
2999 Darbytown Road
Henrico, VA 23231