Women are Embracing Homebirth with Licensed Midwives

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Homebirth in America grew 41% between 2004 and 2009, and Richmond is no exception.  Virginia legalized licensed midwives (LMs) in 2005, and according to the Virginia Department of Health, home birth rates doubled by 2012 and continue to grow.  In the past few months, midwifery options in RVA have expanded, allowing every woman to have a choice in her birthing options.  “If you don’t know your options, you don’t have any.”  Says Korte and Scaer, the authors of A Good Birth, A Safe Birth.

Licensed midwives are specialists in normal pregnancy and birth.  They are educated and trained to care for healthy mothers having healthy babies.  They are all required to pass a written 8-hour exam, but there are several educational paths leading to that test.  Some midwives attend an accredited 3-year school and some chose to educate themselves through reading, conferences and independent classes. All licensed midwives must attend at least 50 births with a senior midwife prior to becoming licensed, but again, each midwife decides where and how quickly those births are accomplished. 

Your midwife will be caring for you through your entire pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum period.   They perform all the same clinical tests as an obstetrician.  They are also able to order any needed lab tests and sonograms, however, the midwifery/client relationship is much different than the one you would have with a doctor.  Midwives believe deeply in education and encouragement, and offer 45-60 minute appointments for personal guidance about how to navigate the changes and challenges during this time.

Even though they are trained to care for healthy pregnant women, homebirth midwives also monitor closely for any concerns that may arise.  Just like all health care providers, a midwife may consult with a specialty physician or refer you to a higher level of care if it is necessary. 

With licensed midwives, women in Richmond can now choose to embrace a healthy pregnancy; a safe, gentle birth; and a peaceful transition to confident mothering.  If considering a homebirth, take the time to interview at least 2 midwives and compare education, experience, style of care and personality.   The care provider you chose is the biggest decision you will make during your pregnancy.

Corina Hossle, LM, CPM, ALSO
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I catch warm, wet, squishy babies for healthy mothers birthing at home! I am a certified professional and licensed midwife, and I have now assisted almost 300 women from many walks of life with their pregnancies and births. The truth is all women birth in similar ways, and they all know how to do it. It’s intuitive.I love helping families find the right path for them and their baby. I believe strongly all parents should have informed choice, not just informed consent. My job is to provide excellent, unbiased information and resources and trust no one wants better for your baby than you! I am passionate about educating, encouraging, and empowering women to embrace a healthy pregnancy, a safe, gentle birth, and a peaceful transition to confident mothering.