Best New Products for Mom and Baby Found At MommyCon 2015

mommycon products

Over the weekend I got a chance to visit MommyCon in Washington DC and I promised I’d report back on all the cool things happening there.

There was a wealth of great information at MommyCon, including a series of seminars on things from baby wearing to cloth diapering to potty training. There was also a huge selection of cloth diapers and baby wraps and soft structured carriers to peruse.

But hidden in the mass of diapers and carriers at MommyCon were some great new products that parents are going to love.  Here are a few gems I’m already hooked on from businesses big and super small…

mommycon bodysuit

Aiden + Anais Layette

The makers of the now ubiquitous amazingly soft and lightweight muslin swaddling blankets, now have amazingly soft and lightweight baby clothes!  Aiden + Anais added 5% spandex for a bit of stretch but the same softness and breathability perfect for hot-as-all-get-out Richmond summers and being in a warm carriers or carseats. See the whole line of Aiden + Anais layette here.



Siliskin Sippy Top

I loathe sippy cups. Partially because I inevitably lose the valve and partially because I find them in my car three months later and have to play the do-I-open-it-or-just-toss-it game of chance (please don’t let it be milk, please don’t let it be milk…). So we skip sippys in our house and just go straight to regular cups which does become a problem if we want to take something with us.

This, however might make me change my sippy cup tune. Siliskin Sippy Tops pop right over almost any size glass for an instant (valve free) sippy.  Prefer a straw? They’ve got a straw top too! All done with your sippy top? Send it back to Silikids and they’ll recycle it for you. Get one here.


leche libre

Leche Libre

This mama from Chicago just launched a line of fashion forward nursing clothing that you can wear long after breastfeeding.  Andrea, the mom behind this fashion forward startup (pictured on the right) is passionate about designing clothes that integrate breastfeeding with her life and her style.

While I loved her edgier tunic with exposed zipper, the Little Grey Dress and Little Blue Dress offer amazing versatility in a flattering cut perfect for pumping at work. This line is brand-spanking-new and more styles are in the works. Find out more about Leche Libre here.

kiinde Squeeze_MI


Kiinde (not to be confused with a kindle) simplifies all the parts and pieces into one simple system. Pump right into the breastfeeding storage bag, twist on the cap and store it in the freezer. When you’re ready to feed your baby, warm it up in the bottle warmer and simply pop the bag into the bottle and you’re ready to go.

Okay, cool. But what I love about Kiinde is that they’ve thought about all the stuff that pops up that you didn’t anticipate.  Kiinde has adapters to fit into any pump so it will definitely work with whatever pump you use, also here you’ve bought a whole bottle system and you baby only likes one type of nipple… use the adapter to use any nipple with the bottle. Got to supplement with formula? It’s okay, they’ve got a funnel to easily add formula to your bottle. Find out more about Kiinde here.


Go Chews

Mom and dietician created these dairy free, gluten free, soy free yummy chews loaded with lean protein, healthy fat and complex carbohydrates to keep energy up and support breastfeeding for new moms.  These snacks contain calcium, natural galactagogues (milk makers), folate, magnesium, vitamin E and other essential vitamins and minerals so you can feel good about grabbing something quick and easy when you need a snack.

Available in two flavors Turkish Apricot (vegan) which taste a little sweeter and Fig Ginger Sesame (nut free) which is a little bit savory/sweet. Go Chews are brand new, so they’re mostly located in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area but we think they’ll grow fast. You can order them online. Check them out here.


element shrub

Element Shrub

Pregnant and seriously missing a delicious cocktail? Element Shrub was created by a dad to be who’s wife found non-alcoholic options pretty dull (and let’s face it, they are) and thank goodness she did because with Element Shrub you don’t even miss the alcohol. Seriously. Pour a little of the concentrate into some seltzer water for a complex, grown-up-but-not-alcoholic drink for any occasion, and after the baby is born- go ahead and make yourself an amazing cocktail.

Currently Element Shrub is only available locally in the DMV area and if you order it online. Don’t let the price hold you back, it’s a concentrate so one bottle is actually 25 servings. I tried Chai Pear (a must during the holidays) and Lemon Mint (super refreshing) the only reason I didn’t stay to taste more was the sheer crowd trying to get to this goodness. News of something tasty travels fast! Find Element Shrub online here.

bundle organics

Bundle Organics

How about something yummy you can get locally? Pick up Bundle Organics at your nearest BabiesRus.

These juices are pasteurized so they are totally safe for pregnancy and chock full of vitamins and minerals (like folic acid, calcium and iron) needed to grow a healthy baby.  I figured if any one of these was going to be the grossest it was probably the kale… so naturally I tasted that one.  To my surprise, it was good! -Even at room temperature which is even more impressive. Check out what’s in it and why here.



Shoosha Organics

Baby’s skin is 10 times thinner, and far more vulnerable than mama’s skin so you want what you put on their skin or be as gentle as possible. Shoosha’s line of organic products for mom and baby are a great place to start. Their cloth diaper friendly bottom balm is one of their top selling products for baby (and smells like almost nothing because there are not artificial perfumes that can irritate skin).

But the most amazing thing is their stretch mark oil which helps fade stretch marks and scars.  After seeing a pretty compelling user-submitted before and after photo I decided to give it a try for myself. I promise to report back. Find Shoosha Organics products here.

fresh wave

Fresh Wave

Drop the Febreze and put the Glade away! Fresh Wave promises to eliminate odors without harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, alcohol and 100% Phthalate free.

Fresh Wave uses natural ingredients (read: water and essential oils) to eliminate odors at its source on the molecular level without just covering it up.  Does it work? I picked up a few sample and put it to the test with a leaky kitchen sink (kitchen sink water smells terrible in case you were wondering).  Guess what? the gross smell is GONE and isn’t replaced with an equally irritating smell of odor eliminator. So, I’m pretty set on this one… next up: the diaper pail. Fresh Wave just hit Target stores this month.


Which products are you most excited about?