25 Ways to Extend Summer

Family sitting in hammock

It is hard to believe that summer is coming to an end. Around here, it seems like summer has flown by. Fortunately for us in RVA, warm temperatures, though inconsistent, dot our fall days pretty regularly. A few years ago, my boys even wore shorts on Halloween. I decided we needed to grasp the opportunities we still have to extend summer in our mild climate. Of course, some of these activities are appropriate year-round, but these pastimes are what our family brainstormed as quintessential summer activities.  We are hoping to get a few more of these in soon:

1. Nurture your garden.

2. Go for a bike ride.

3. Keep your summer highlights.

4. Have a squirt gun fight.

5. Play miniature golf.

6. Sip a cool, tall drink.

7. Read a summer romance novel or a summer-themed book.

8. Watch a movie at the drive-in theater.

9. Go camping.

10. Hit the beach – rates will be much lower off season!

11. Go for a paddle on the Rivah.

12. Host a Barbeque.

13. Buy ice cream from the ice cream truck (if you can’t find one in your neighborhood, visit us – the ice cream truck visits our neighborhood 9 months of the year).

14. Take a dip in an indoor pool.

15. Go to the Farmer’s market year round.

16. Continue to wear shorts and other summer apparel.

17. Go fishing.

18. Chase lightning bugs.

19. Make s’mores.

20. Dance in the rain.

21. Go away for the weekend.

22. Have a picnic.

23. Read a beach-themed novel or a summer romance.

24. Reminisce by reviewing photos or videos from summers past.

25. Bake a pie.

What activities will you and your family do to extend your summer?


Fiona Bessey-Bushnell

Fiona Bessey-Bushnell is an occupational therapist and writer. A former archaeologist, she now enjoys digging up great stories right here in Richmond. She has an unusual affinity for Venn diagrams and post-it notes. Fiona lives with her husband and two young sons.

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