A Mothers Last Note in Her High School Son’s Lunchbox Goes Viral

A Mothers Last Note in Her High School Sons Lunchbox Goes ViralOn her son’s last day of school, this mother took the opportunity to express to her son what it has meant to her to make him lunch every day since he’s been in school. The son was so touched by his mom’s words that he tweeted a photo of her note. The tweet caught wind and people all over the world are sharing her simple gesture and heartfelt words. The Mothers Last Note translates as:

“To Yuki

We’ve come to the final bento of your high-school life. Thank you for eating each and every one. Through these bentos we were able to communicate more. I don’t know when I’ll have the opportunity to make a bento for you again, so I hope you really enjoy this one. Your high school life was lots of fun, wasn’t it? There’s only a little time left, so enjoy it with your friends.

Thank you. From Mom.”

We posted an article at the beginning of the year about small lifestyle changes parents can make this year that will have an impact on their children. One of those suggestions was for parents to leave notes of encouragement for their kids. This lunchbox note is the such a great example of the impression those little notes can have on your kids. Where are some fun places that you leave notes for your kids?

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