Date Night for You and Fun Night for Your Kids

All Fired Up in Short Pump
Date night for some parents is like their kids sleeping in on the weekends.  They really want it to happen but believe it to be a myth or a legend.  Every couple needs to have a date night every now and again to reconnect without having to cut up food into tiny pieces for the little ones, making sure that no one knocks over a cup, or dining at a place known for their chicken tenders.  You can definitely get a babysitter and plan for a great night out.  What if you just want to have a quick night out but also want to make it fun for the kids?  We have the answer!

We recently visited All Fired Up in Short Pump and got a chance to learn about their Kids’ Fun Night.  On the first Friday of each month, All Fired Up (both Midlothian and Short Pump locations) hosts Kids’ Fun Night where kids between the ages of 6 and 12 enjoy a night filled with creative fun!  The event is from 6 to 8 pm and the timing couldn’t be better.  You can drop off the kids and go out for a dinner just between you and your spouse.  If you happen to be at the Short Pump location, you have many great dining options within walking distance.

Area around All Fired Up in Short Pump has many options for date night
Scenic area with many dining options around All Fired Up in Short Pump


Also the event ends just in time so that it is not too late for the kids.  So what is included in the Kids’ Fun Night?  Each child will be able to create a ceramic piece from wet clay, glaze a piece from their collection of ready-to-paint ceramics, enjoy games, and eat a pizza dinner.  All of this for $25 per child.

During our visit, we got a chance to make a pinch pot from wet clay and glaze a mug.  Let me preface by saying that I am not an artist.  I do my best work when coloring by numbers.  The manager, Diana, was extremely helpful and very encouraging.

Amazing staff at All Fired Up


She helped to put me at ease when working with the wet clay.  It was a lot of fun and the end result was a mixture between a castle and an ashtray.

Pinch pot at All Fired Up
My attempt at a pinch pot


I got better results with the mug which was a ready-to-paint ceramic!  Diana went over the various techniques of coloring and designing the mug.  I must say that painting the mug was very calming.

My painted mug at All Fired Up
Mug came out a whole lot better


Our visit was a lot of fun and we noticed several families around us really enjoying themselves.  The staff was amazing and played a large role in making our visit so enjoyable.  While we focused on ceramics during our visit, you can work in many different mediums such as glass.  There are so many ways to be creative at All Fired Up!  Next time you are looking to have a date night, consider All Fired Up.