Funny Viral Video on How to Put a Baby to Sleep

How to Put a Baby to SleepIf you are a parent, you have experienced the trials of trying to put your baby to sleep.  The concept sounds nice and simple but it can make the strongest person weep.  We’ve found a funny viral video with a dad sharing his methods of trying to get his child to sleep.

Here are the methods that he goes over:

Asking the baby if he wants to go to sleep
Even though his child lays down in his crib when the dad asks him the question, the dad admits that it is never that easy!

Shush train
I consider this to be one of the more common methods while holding the baby.  I’m not sure if the hand motion is necessary, but I’m sure it doesn’t hurt!  The shush train is constantly making the “shush” sound to lull the baby to sleep.

Naming a standard blanket “Blanky”
I would say that my child’s “Blanky” probably caused him to stay awake.  The idea is that a baby needs a blanket named “Blanky” in order to fall asleep quickly.

Method acting
The dad might need to work on his acting skills.  By pretending to fall asleep, it is supposed to suggest to the baby that he or she needs to sleep as well.

The tap out
This isn’t a method to get your baby to sleep but to shift the responsibility to the mom.

The hypnotist
This takes a while, but the dad uses a musical toy to try to hypnotize the baby to sleep.

The dad that doesn’t know a single lullaby
The dad sings a hodgepodge of songs hoping that the baby will go to sleep.  It could be due to boredom!

The big awkward dad giant baby sleep over
The dad gets into the crib with the baby and encourages him to go to sleep.

The bribe dad
The dad bribes the baby with allowing him to climb the curtains the next day.

The give up
The dad just gives up and tells the baby that he will see him the next day.  The child’s response is very cute!

The tiptoe
I think most people have done this.  After getting the baby to lay down, the dad tries to tiptoe out of the room while doing the shush train.  He, of course, steps on a toy that makes noise.

What are some of your methods to get your child to sleep?