8 Ways to Save Money on Kids’ Birthday Gifts

Birthday giftsThere are two very simple truths – we all love our kids and love cannot be bought. It is only natural for us to want to give them a box full of wonders on the day we celebrate their births, but we are often limited by our tight budgets. To make the misfortune even greater, it seems that somehow kids’ birthdays pile up in a short time frame so you have several birthday gifts to buy. If you have ever been stuck between the wish to save some money and the intention to buy something kids will actually like, than you understand just how stressful birthday shopping can be. Here are some tips that should help you come out as a winner and buy a great gift for little money.

Have a Separate Fund

Do not let your kids’ birthdays or birthday invitations for them catch you by surprise. Start creating the “birthday fund” at the beginning of the year. Squirrel away some money little by little. Whenever you have spare change from the store, or whenever you get a small bonus at work put it in the piggy bank. Eventually, you will have enough money to cover the costs of most of the birthday parties you or your child will attend.

Use Coupons

Any savvy mother knows that coupons are great for getting good stuff for little money. Go through the various websites that offer coupon deals around the state or take the conventional road of using store coupons you find in local newspaper or get directly in the store.

One Man’s Trash…

How many times some of your kids got two same or alike gifts, or something he/she does not like? Keep those birthday gifts aside and then simple wrap them up again when the times come for your kids to go to their friends’ birthday parties.

Shop Online

Online shopping is more popular than ever, which causes the online shops fight competitors even fiercer. This leads them to offer numerous discounts and compete in bargain deals. In addition, internet poses a vast universe of products where you can find everything from fun quirky gifts to educational books..

Stock up on Gifts

When you find a collection of great toys or a book sale, buy more than one item (especially if the offer includes discounts based on the number of purchased items) and stock up on them for future birthdays. This will also save you gas money, because you will not have to drive to the mall every time a birthday invitation arrives.

Buy Pre-Loved

Kids usually do not care if someone used their toy before them, as long as the toy is fun and useful to them. Check for well-preserved items at garage sales, thrift stores, consignment shops, and websites such as Craiglist.com.

Reuse the Gift Wraps

Wrapping might not seem very expensive when compared to the total price of the birthday gifts, but it can really add up to those costs. When you or your kids are having a party, you should save the gift bags, wraps, and tissue paper. For the next party, you can simply wrap up your gifts for free. Besides, you will do this planet a huge favor by saving on paper.


Sure, we cannot all be crafty persons, but with the number of available and detail DIY instructions on YouTube and other websites, you can easily create something unique and special. Homemade gifts are not only money-savers, but valuable lesson to the kids about the value of a thoughtful present. Include your kids into the process by having them make homemade birthday cards.

Kids do not think of money as their parents do, and they value attention and usability of the present more than the price tag. Do not burden your budget by buying the most popular and most expensive gifts, and use these tips to save some money for more important things.


Peter Minkoff
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