Toddler Helps Baby Brother Escape From Crib

Life has many challenges.  Every phase of our lives, we face challenges both big and small.  When we were babies, we relied on our parents to take care of us as we slowly learned to do things on our own.  As we got older, we learned how to read, tie our shoes, and drive a car.  Sometimes the challenges are too much for us and we need the support and help from our family.  In this week’s Share Saturday video, we have a toddler helping his baby brother escape from his crib.

A toddler enters a room where he notices that his play partner is behind “bars” (crib).  His partner is none other than his baby brother.  Play time won’t be the same without his partner and so the older brother decides to help his baby brother escape from his crib.  He quickly moves a chair close to the crib and then carefully places it in the crib.  The older brother then hops into the crib to get the chair positioned correctly.  He then provides direction to his younger brother on how to escape the crib.  We love the fact that the older brother encourages his younger brother.  With the help of his older brother, the baby brother is able to get over the crib rails and experiences freedom!  The best part for us is when the baby brother looks at the baby video monitor before going over the rail as if to say, “No crib can contain me!”

We hope you enjoy this video of two brothers and teamwork to overcome their obstacle!


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