Dad “Helping” His Daughter Hula Hoop

Since the beginning of time, parents have done what they could to help their kids have confidence. Whether running in slow motion to convince a toddler that they are, in fact, faster than Superman, conveniently losing at a game of Go Fish, or staring in wide-mouthed wonder at a “work of art” that defies description (and not necessarily in a good way), parents are masters of convincing kids of their own genius. But the dad in today’s Share Saturday video might just win the prize in the most adorable way ever.

Aubrey Turnipseed is only two-years-old, but as the youngest of five, her parents, Maya and Maurice, say that her age doesn’t hold her back from thinking she’s one of the big kids. And true to form, one day recently when the Turnipseed family was visiting a zoo in their hometown of Tampa, Florida, Aubrey caught sight of a kids’ area where “big kids” were busy hula-hooping. Not one to be left out, Aubrey ran over to join in.

Maurice Turnipseed obviously knows his daughter well and immediately followed her over, picked up a nearby hula hoop, and let Aubrey get right to it. Watch the following video to see how Maurice convinces little Aubrey that she can not only hula hoop, but can look downright adorable while doing it.

According to a report from Inside Edition, Maurice knew that Aubrey would be frustrated if she couldn’t participate, so he did what he needed to do to help her. As you’ll see, the results are beyond precious – and in our books, Maurice is the kind of dad every kid should have. After all, we all need someone to stand behind us and hold the hula hoop every so often, if for no other reason, than to help us believe in ourselves just a little bit more.

So, if you need a little pick-me-up today, or just want to see something that will undoubtedly make you smile, take a look at the following video and join us in telling Maurice, “Good job, dad!” All you have to hear is Aubrey’s excited screams of “I did it” to know that this is one lucky little girl.

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