Trying to Pronounce Virginia Town Names

If you’re from Virginia, then you already know that non-Virginians struggle a bit when it comes to some of the city, town, and county names here in our fair state. Ok, to be honest, we all struggle a bit. Even our roads can be a source of debate when it comes to the correct pronunciation…that’s right, I’m looking at you, Powhite Parkway.

As for those of you who are transplants to the great Commonwealth, then chances are you’ve had to learn the hard way how to correctly pronounce any number of towns and cities – and when I say the “hard way,” I mean constant corrections from locals who are stubbornly committed to the “right” pronunciations of these phonetic anomalies.

If you’ve ever been part of a “Virginia Names Debate” (and chances are, you have), then you’re going to love today’s Share Saturdays video. Once again, the hilariously brilliant comedic team from It’s A Southern Thing has managed to hit the nail on the head when it comes to capturing things that, sometimes, only Southerners can really understand. In today’s video, they take on the daring task of tackling Virginia town names and pronunciations, including some of the greats, such as Powhatan, Basye, Staunton, and the ever-daunting, Gloucester.

Even if you’re from Virginia, we’ll be impressed if you can get all these names right. And if you’re not from Virginia, then we hope that you’ll feel encouraged, because when it comes to getting some of these names wrong, you’re not alone!

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