Inspirational Olympics Story – Share Saturdays

As the Olympics draw to a close tomorrow, we wanted to share a story from the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.  For many athletes, the Olympics represent the pinnacle of their sport.  The competition occurs every 4 years and the best of the best compete.  In the midst of the 1992 competition, we were treated to an inspirational story about an athlete’s desire to never give up and a father’s love for his son.

Derek Redmond is a British 400m runner who had made it into the semi-finals by clocking the fastest time in his previous heat.  In the semi-finals, Derek got off to a good start and looked to be in prime position for the race.  Unfortunately, at the 250m mark, tragedy struck.  His right hamstring tore and Derek was severely injured.  Derek’s dream of winning an Olympic medal was now over.  However, the following events would place him in Olympic history.  Derek got up and started to hobble towards the finish line.  He fought through the pain to continue towards his goal.  Derek’s father ran out of the stands to help his son fulfill his Olympic goal of finishing the race.  Nothing was going to stop them from crossing the finish line.  As the father and son slowly made their way, Derek let out his emotions and his father comforted him.  Though the race was over, the entire stadium cheered them on.  Derek crossed the finish line to a standing ovation.  That day, Derek was the embodiment of the Olympic spirit.

We hope that you enjoy the video!