Special Bond Between Siblings – Viral Video

A lot of people have these.  They can make you feel good or ruin your day.  Just as quick as they know what could really make your day, they also know your buttons and they will push it until the buttons are broken.  If you haven’t guessed it, we are talking about siblings.

Today, we are bringing you two special videos about siblings.  The first video is of a little girl and her older brother.  The little sister just adores her older brother.  Everyday, the little girl waits for the school bus so that she can greet her older brother and give him a big hug.  The excitement that she shows is precious and the older brother enjoys the hugs.  In the middle of the video, the little girl appears to be sad and does not greet her brother.  Her brother decides to go to her and comforts her with hugs.  The video is a great reminder that siblings have a special bond and they will pick each other up when the other gets down.



In this second video, you see the last few minutes of a world triathlon.  There are two brothers in this race from England.  One of the them is in the lead about to finish the race.  However, his body starts to break down and struggles to stay up.  The next two competitors come up on him.  In second place is the other brother.  He has a narrow lead over a competitor from South Africa.  The brother in second place stops his race to lift his brother up and finishes the race together.  This move costs him the race but winning the race was not on his mind at that time.  He wanted to lift his brother up in his time of need.

It is always special to see the strong bond that siblings have with one another.  These videos are just a reminder of how special the relationships can be.