Man Cold Vs Mom Cold – Viral Video

It won’t be too long before the temperature continues to drop and it seems like everyone is sick around you.  You do your best to not get sick but it is inevitable when you have kids.  Sometimes when one parent gets sick, the other parent follows soon after.  This week’s Share Saturday video is called Man Cold versus Mom Cold.  The video starts off where both the mom and the dad catch a cold.  The video is taken from the perspective of the dad.

The dad stays in bed the entire time while complaining of aches and pains.  The mom on the other hand is moving around and getting things done around the house.  The video takes a comical approach to how parents react differently when they are sick.  The dad believes that he has a fever, the Ebola virus, swine flu, and gangrene.  The mom is not very empathetic to the dad but continues to check on him throughout the day.  She even brings him chicken noodle soup!  If you are a mom, you might be laughing and agreeing with the video.  If you are a dad, you might think that other dads behave this way but not you.

Even though this is a funny video, we need to note that the wife still takes care of the husband!  Do you have some funny stories to share regarding this topic?  Maybe it is not your spouse that acts this way but your children do.  We would love to hear from you!  Please comment below with your stories.