Best Pizza Spots in Richmond

best-pizza-spots in Richmond
With school back in session and after school activities in full swing, sometimes pizza is the only thing standing between you and a hungry family. There’s no shame in it…we’ve all been there. And truthfully, who doesn’t love a good pizza?

Attempting to write a review on the best pizzas in Richmond is like attempting to write a review on the best color. This is mainly because, just like everyone has a favorite color, everyone has a favorite pizza. And the process is just about as subjective. Some people like their crust thin and crispy. Some like it thick and doughy. Some like traditional New York style pies with pepperoni and extra cheese. Others want their toppings to be as out there as possible.

The bottom line is that taste is subjective. So how did we come up with our favorite pizzas in Richmond? We looked at a few factors like:

  1. Price – because no one wants to spend a fortune on pizzas.
  2. Selection – Is there something for everyone?
  3. Overall experience – it’s gotta work for everyone, after all!
  4. Delivery options – does it deliver?

The following pizza places in Richmond get rave reviews from us and from the public. Check out our list and you might just find that you’ll discover a new favorite, or perhaps you’ll see that your taste in pizzas is spot on.

Bottom’s Up Pizza

bottoms-up-pizzaImage source: Bottom’s Up Pizza / Facebook

1700 Dock Street
Richmond, VA 23223
(804) 644-4400

Price Range: $5.25 for a cheese slice, up to $25.75 for a large specialty (Thin crust and gluten-free options are less)

When I first came to Richmond, Bottom’s Up Pizza was one of the first place recommended to me. Personally I can see why. With reasonable prices (and by-the-slice options), a huge array of options and delivery, Bottom’s Up take the cake (or pie, as it were) for our favorite’s list. Bottom’s Up offers a thicker, doughier crust that true Italian pizza lovers might scoff at, but with top honors in reader reviews and people’s choice awards for more than a decade, they can’t be overlooked. And, for you thin crust loyalists out there, they do offer a thin crust option. Plus, if you like a crazy range of toppings (from pepperoni to Crab and Old Bay) then Bottom’s Up is worth the trip. They get extra points in our review for both their delivery option and their physical setting with multiple floors for seating, plus a deck. And while the deck does sit just below the train tracks near the Canal Walk, you can’t deny the ambiance. Their fresh ingredients and gluten-free options are just an added bonus.

Superstar’s Pizza and Subs

superstars-pizzaImage source: Superstar’s Pizza / Facebook

5700 Patterson Avenue
Richmond, VA 23226
(804) 673-3663

Price Range: $3.59 for the least expensive slice to $16.49 for a full, specialty take-and-bake pie

Superstar’s Pizza is about as close to the perfect family pizza place as you can get. They started more than 20 years ago as a take-and-bake shop. Today, they still offer a wide range of pizzas that you can pick up to take home and cook. What this means is that you’ll always have piping hot pizzas with no more effort than a pre-heated oven, making them insanely suited to the busy family. No tips for delivery, no call ahead. Just stop in, pick your pizzas and head home. However, should you wish to eat-in, you don’t have to worry about the fact that every single member of your family likes something different on their pizza. Their eat-in menu focuses on pizza-by-the-slice. With options to suit every taste, the ONLY thing keeping them from our number one spot is the fact that they don’t deliver.

Belmont Pizzeria

belmont-pizzaImage source: Belmont Pizzeria / Facebook

Museum District
602 N. Belmont Ave.
Richmond, VA 23221
(804) 888-9861

Price Range: $6 for a personal cheese pizza up to $19.49 for a large specialty pizza

Known for it’s authentic Sicilian style pizza, Belmont Pizzeria is a Richmond favorite time and again. From making Style Weekly’s #1 Pizza spot in Richmond for 2016 to countless reader reviews, this neighborhood joint is tried and true. Belmont Pizzeria prides themselves on old-school Italian methods, which means that the dough is made fresh daily and the toppings are always fresh and top-grade. They offer everything from personal size pizzas up to a 16” large, with a wide range of toppings. If you’re looking for something a little different, try the Eggplant Siciliano, a pizza topped with olive oil, grilled eggplant, fresh garlic, Romano cheese and prosciutto. Or stick with a classic pepperoni – you really can’t go wrong! The only thing keeping them from the top of our list is that they don’t offer much seating (just a few bar stools for dining-in or waiting for takeout). However, for takeout, delivery and small group dining, Belmont Pizza is a must-try.

Mary Angela’s Pizzeria

mary-angelas-pizzaImage source: Mary Angela’s Pizzeria / Facebook

3345 W. Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23221
(804) 353-2333

Price Range: $11.75 for a small cheese, up to $22.50 for a large specialty

This Carytown staple has been a favorite for years. Often compared to the gold standard of pizzas in New York, Mary Angela’s is the real deal. Offering both New York and Sicilian-style, even those with a picky palate will be happy. Now if you don’t know the difference, New York style pizza tends to be a hand-tossed thin crust with crispy edges but a soft enough middle that it can be folded in half. Sicilian pizza, on the other hand, is typically square with a much thicker crust. They don’t offer the largest variety of toppings, but if you’re looking for just a good all-around pizza, then Mary Angela’s is for you. With dine-in, takeout and delivery options, Mary Angela’s is an ideal spot for those last-minute-I-just-can’t-make-dinner nights.

Ironclad Pizza Grill

ironclad-pizzaImage source: Ironclad Pizza / Facebook

924 McDonough Street
Richmond, VA 23224
(804) 233-2400

Price Range: $10.99 for a 12” (small) pizza to $16.99 for a 16” (large) pizza

Great pizza, great prices and a great atmosphere is a surefire recipe for a pizza place that you’ll want to go back over and over. With amazing pizzas that are served inside or outside on the patio (with a play area), Ironclad is new to the Manchester neighborhood, but quickly making a name for itself. They make our list because, while they don’t offer a huge selection of pre-designed pizzas or delivery, there are plenty of build-your-own options.  The pizzas are amazing and they offer a great option for getting out of the house and enjoying an absolutely delicious, custom-made pie.

No matter what your taste in pizzas, Richmond has something for everyone. Get out there and give our favorite five a try, but be sure to let us know about any of your favorites that didn’t make the list!