Pregnant Mom Dances Through Labor Pains

Oh the joys of a newborn baby!  So small and so cute!  But before you can get there, moms have to endure 9 1/2 months of pregnancy.  Morning sickness, body changes, and food cravings are just some of the things soon-to-be moms have to go through.  Even after all of this, there is the birthing process.  The brave soon-to-be moms have to endure labor pains.

Now, every mom manages labor pains differently.  Some try to relax by using music.  Others may using breathing techniques to stay relaxed.  There is also water therapy where warm water can do wonders to reduce the labor pains.  Another method that is commonly used is movement.

Most soon-to-be moms that choose to move around probably walk around the hospital wing that they are in.  We came across one soon-to-be mom that decided on another way to move her body.  In this week’s Share Saturdays video, she chooses to dance through her labor pains.  She does a popular dance for pregnant moms.  It is called the baby mama dance.  The song is called Baby Mama Anthem.  We are definitely impressed by her moves and really impressed that she could squat and come back up!