Funny Halloween Candy Commercial

For many kids, Halloween is synonymous with costumes and candy.  Their eyes light up with the thought of gorging themselves with sweet treats.  In this commercial, kids are told that the sweet treats for Halloween are being replaced with healthy Halloween treats.  Some of the healthy treats that were offered are: veggie fruit chews, nori pops, tofu ghost mellows and artichoke buttercups.  Maybe it is us but the names of the treats are enough to turn us off.  Tofu ghost mellows?  Really?

We were amazed that the kids tried all of the treats.  Their reactions were what you could expect but with kids being kids, the responses are priceless.  Here are some of our favorite responses:

  • It is kind of good and kind of bad. …  It is bad.
  • You are saying disgusting stuff is good stuff and it is disgusting.
  • It tastes like poopy pinata!

When the adult conducting the taste test asks how the children would like Halloween without the candy, they go bonkers!

In the end, you realize that it is a commercial for Crest and Oral-B.  We have to say it was a very creative commercial.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!