Kid Struggles to Take Out Trash Can

kid struggles to take out trash can
Most of us as kids had chores around the house.   We all had a part in keeping the house clean and functional.  Chores ranged from doing the dishes to vacuuming the carpet.  One of the more common chores is to take the trash out and put the trash can on the curb for pickup.  Kids are probably not jumping at the chance to gather up trash and take the smelly bags to the trash can.  Typically, the only challenges in taking out the trash would be to make sure the bags don’t leak or tear.  Well, one kid had to overcome more than that.

In the video below, a young boy nonchalantly pushes the trash can towards the curb for pickup.  When he lets his guard down, a strong gust of wind flips the trash can open and the lid smacks the boy in the head.  He gathers himself and tries to push the trash can forward.  The wind continues to flip the lid onto the boy but the boy is determined.  He continues to push forward and it seems like he has conquered the wind.  However, the wind has other ideas and shows the boy who is boss.

Who knew doing chores can be so dangerous!  What are some of the chores that your kids are responsible for?