Real Richmond Mom – Kelly Connors

Kelly Connors

Kelly Connors of Richmond, VA is a loving Mother to two beautiful children, a supportive wife and small business owner of Pulse Barre Studio in Mechanicsville, VA. Kelly talks about what she is grateful for this Thanksgiving and how she continues to move forward in a positive way no matter what life throws at her. When Kelly was asked how she juggles the day to day blessings, tasks and bumps in the road she replied, “I am not Superwoman, although I have been called that before and am amazed that others might think of me that way! I am not perfect, but I am certainly a perfectionist. I am not good at accepting criticism and am overly sensitive. I hate to hurt other people’s feelings and would rather suffer myself. I am rarely on time, and half the time I feel like a crazy person as I rush from one thing to the next. Sometimes I think I am a terrible mom, even though I know I am trying really, really hard. But we always start with the negatives. Here is how I should have begun. I am a good listener and a good friend. I would do anything to help anyone. I am a loving mom and wife. I am passionate and dedicated to my family and my work. And I am blessed. So very blessed. Not in the ways that one might first think, but I hope my sharing helps put things into perspective for you. You never know what someone else is going through, or whose life you may touch.”

What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?
“I count my blessings every day, and in the spirit of this time of year, here is why I am grateful in the midst of my crazy life.

I am grateful for my family.
My parents moved here from Connecticut, and my in-laws live an hour away. We are so lucky to have them all close to us, and they help us tremendously. I don’t know how I could ever begin to thank them or let them know how much they mean to us.

I am grateful for my children.
I think we would all say this, but I would say I am extra grateful for mine. After 4 miscarriages and some challenges during pregnancy, I have Adeline (8) and Matthew (4) and they are truly incredible kids.

I am grateful for my husband.
I met the love of my life in college and married him soon after. He is my best friend, my biggest supporter, and my other half. Six years ago he was diagnosed with cancer and has had numerous surgeries and rounds of chemo. As I write this, he is about to begin a clinical trial. We have been through more together in our 13 years of marriage than many have in a lifetime. I would trade places with him if I could. He makes me want to be a better person every single day.

I am grateful for my friends.
I made friends growing up and in college that are truly like family. We still get together and when we do, it is just like it was. Now, since living in Richmond since 2001, I have met wonderful people here too, from the high schools where I used to teach, to my exercise clients, to fellow moms, to my neighborhood. All of them are amazing ladies, who have been so supportive and helpful to me. I am often speechless at the generosity and kindness that is bestowed upon my family.

I am grateful for my job.
In June of 2015, with a whole lot of encouragement from friends and family, and the support of my husband, I opened Pulse Barre Studio in Mechanicsville. After I had the kids I began teaching women’s exercise classes. As a former dancer, barre brought my love of dance and exercise together. I feel so fortunate that I have found my passion and am committed to helping women achieve their goals. I have met so many inspiring women and it is a community of support.”

What advice do you give other Moms trying to juggle it all in this fast paced world we live in?
“Take a moment at this time of the year to step back and focus on what we do have, rather than what we don’t. And to be grateful for every second of this difficult, amazing, messy, fabulous thing called life.”

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Kelly is an inspiration to all. She realizes everyday is a gift and lives life to the fullest. Maintaining a positive outlook through so much adversity is something she does well, while bringing light and hope to all who cross paths with her. She plays many roles, and fills them all in the most extraordinary way all while staying positive and being grateful.

Interviewed by Laura Orrico