Heartwarming Video of Kids Choosing the Other Gifts

Can you believe that Christmas was just a week ago?  For many kids (and parents), Christmas morning was filled with excitement and gifts.  The frantic opening of boxes and the tearing of wrapping paper probably filled the morning air.  Kids elated to receive the gifts that they had desperately wanted.  Something that gets lost in the holidays are the sacrifices the parents make to provide these gifts.  What happens if the parents can’t afford to buy the gifts?  What if the kids are asked to choose between a gift for themselves or for their parents?

A television channel, UP TV, decided to find out.  They conducted interviews with kids from the Metro Atlanta Boys & Girls Club.  They started off by asking the kids what they would like for Christmas.  Their faces lit up as they shared their ideal Christmas gift.  Then the kids were asked what their parents would like for Christmas.  This was followed by the kids being presented with both what they wanted for Christmas and what they felt their parents would like for Christmas.  Now the twist.  The kids can only choose one gift to keep.  Will they choose what they want or choose the gift for their parents?  You can definitely tell that it was a tough decision but the children chose the gift for their parents.  Since the children chose the gifts for their parents, they were given both gifts.

In the end, they were united with their parents and the results were shared.  Somehow, we think the gifts didn’t matter much to the parents but that their kids chose to sacrifice for them.  This is definitely a heart warming video.  We hope you enjoy!