Handsocks – Cute Baby Mitten Giveaway

HandsocksWhen Richmond Mom Casey Burke Bunn forgot to pack mittens and layers for her daughter, she used a pair of ski socks to keep her hands and arms warm….and the idea for Handsocks was born!  She set out to create the perfect mitten for babies and toddlers: cozy, comfortable, warm, protecting and, they stay on without Velcro or straps. She created just what we were all wishing existed in Handsocks. Launching all new prints on Kickstarter February 9th.

As a mother of 2, Casey is no stranger to the panic and upset from fingernail scratches on sweet baby skin.  She invented a product originally intended for warmth and it turned into so much more.  Now used for protection of all types, Handsocks is dedicated to being experts in protection from scratching for newborn to 3T aged children. We are excited to be bringing happiness to little hands with our quality protective comfies.

About The Product:

Handsocks feature an innovative fling proof mitten design which means no velcro!  Here are some additional features:
EASY ON: Stretchy sleeve acts as an extra layer of protection
EASY ACCESS: Mittens flip open for easy slide on and access to hands
MOMS ARE RAVING! Protection for scratching, pulling, warmth

Did you know that Handsocks are named after real children?  Submit your story on our website and we might name our next collection after your child!

Handsocks donates to Orphan’s Promise each time a pair is sold. Orphan’s Promise provides shelter, medical care, food, and education to orphans in the US and around the world. Thank you for each pair that you purchase. We make a difference together.

To learn more about Handsocks, visit their website: Click Here

About the Giveaway:

We will be giving away 17 pairs of Handsocks!  This means there will be 17 winners!  In addition to winning these cute and useful mittens, all winners will get VIP passes to Handsocks’ Kickstarter Launch Party on February 9th 5-7pm.  Enter below for your chance to win!