Funny Video of Parenting Expectations Versus Reality

We have all been there.  Before we officially became parents for the first time, many of us read tons of books and articles about how to get your baby to sleep, optimal baby food, and etc.  We felt that we had everything figured out and were ready for the baby to be born.  Boy, were we wrong!  This Share Saturdays video takes a funny look at how our parenting expectations do not match reality.

The video focuses on a couple who is very confident about being parents based on the books that they have read.  They don’t seem to understand why everyone tells them that parenting is complicated.  They share their plans ranging from making their own organic baby foods to never letting their kids touch electronics.

You quickly see how reality changes things.  Homemade organic baby foods change into dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets.  Strict electronic rules go out the window and the baby is allowed to play on an iPhone while the mom tries to squeeze out some more sleep time.  Some of our favorite parts of the video are the parents thoughts on potty training and the baby working around the parents’ schedules.

The father believes that he can get his child potty trained in 6 months.  The video cuts away to the baby in the tub going potty and another scene where the baby is carry a dirty diaper.  Every parent has definitely experienced moments where their child creates an unexpected mess!

Probably our favorite part is when the parents are at a restaurant with another couple.  The mom sees the child rubbing her eyes.  Right away, the parents start to pack up to leave.  The mom even dumps her salad into her purse!

It is clear that no matter how much you prepare to become a parent, reality catches you off-guard!  We hope that you enjoy this week’s video!

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Posted by Story of This Life on Tuesday, July 28, 2015