The Steward School offers camps you won’t find anywhere else, in a beautiful, convenient setting. With the ability to hold classes in the arts, athletics, academics, and innovation at top-notch facilities, plus serve as a host for outside groups, Steward is set up to serve many summer programming needs, including full-day camps to accommodate working parents’ schedules. Here’s a sample:

  • Many of our camps are half-days and can pieced together to create a full day of camp, plus extended operating hours so you have coverage from 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m. If you can’t find an all-day camp that suits your needs, consider choosing a morning camp (9 a.m.-12 p.m.) and adding Let’s Do Lunch and Afternoon Adventures for $175; if needed, you can also add SpartaCare: afternoons from 4-5:30 p.m. for only $50 per week.
  • Steward is a school, so first and foremost, we offer excellent academic camps designed to get students ready for the next school year. We have language arts and math camps for every age group; these camps are designed to make the subjects come alive (making summer reading and math assignments easier!) in a relaxed summer setting. We also offer a Spanish camp for middle schoolers to keep those language skills sharp.
  • We are going innovation crazy this summer with numerous choices. Think outside the box with Think It, Make It, Sell It (a la Shark Tank) and Catapults, Castles, and Programming—Oh My!, two full-day camps in the Bryan Innovation Lab. For younger campers, there are four different programming and robotics camps with Steward teachers, two STEM camps with LEGOS™ from the organization Play-Well, and three LEGO™ camps with Bricks 4 Kidz.Steward-Summer-Experience-3
  • With a low coach-to-player ratio, all Steward sports camps offer the opportunity to learn the basics for beginners and to hone skills for more experienced young athletes. Keep kids busy with lacrosse, soccer, cheerleading, tennis, baseball, field hockey, volleyball, and “All Sports,” plus Bob Foley Basketball, VCU Volleyball, and Redskins Flag Football.
  • Steward offers three types of cooking camps during the summer: Hummingbird Gardens will teach Grow It, Cook It for our youngest campers in grades K-3; Edible Education will take elementary-aged campers on a Cruise at Sea; and older kids (grades 6-10) can take Culinary Camp to gain some real kitchen experience under the tutelage of a professional chef.Steward-Summer-Experience-2
  • Arts camps are one-of-a-kind at Steward because our facilities are world class, and our instructors go above and beyond to provide unique experiences. Budding actors and actresses in grades 1-5 can take Let’s Put on a Show and will put on a performance at the end of the camp. A professional jewelry designer leads the Jewelry camp, and she brings those creative talents to Arts and Crafts camp, too. In addition, Young Rembrandts instructors will teach art camps at Steward for grades JK-12.
  • Have you ever heard of urban homesteading? It’s like going back to a time when people had to make everything for themselves. At Urban Homesteading camp, campers will learn about gardening, baking, working with wool and fiber, candle and soap making, healing plants and honeybees, and natural skin care, just to name a few of the “home-spun” activities.
  • Helping others and exposure to important causes are at the forefront of Community Service Sampler, through which older campers will work at multiple locations on projects that will help them develop good stewardship skills.
  • Have you ever wanted to build your own city? Or design a dream house? In Architecture 101, older campers will learn about proportion, scale, measurement, and craftsmanship, using professional-grade resources and recycled materials to create miniature architectural models.
  • Do you have high school students who need to use the summer to prepare for the future? Steward will host Always First Driving Academy for Driver’s Education classes, and two experienced teachers will hold an SAT Prep

In addition to all of the above, Steward will offer chess and video game design camps through Active Learning Services and old-fashioned fun with Virginia Fishing Adventures. Campers as young as age 4 can find a way to have a fantastic SUMMER EXPERIENCE at The Steward School. Our camps are open to the community—welcome!

This article has been provided by The Steward School.