Baby Dancing With His Dad

Ever wonder what dads do with their children when the mom is away?  When the kids are old enough, they may play catch, watch a game on television, go fishing and etc.  What about when the kid is just a baby?  Well, it appears as though they dance!  Adam Ballard had a chance to spend some quality father-son time.  His wife, Kellie Lawrence, was away and Adam decided to capture the special time with his son.  What you see is the baby dancing with his dad!

Adam has his son in a baby carrier as they enter the video.  You start hearing the music from Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”.  Next thing you know, they are busting a move!  Let’s just say that the baby has better dance moves than us!  The moonwalk was especially a nice touch.  Maybe it is just us, but the baby seems to really enjoy dancing and spending time with his dad.  If we had to guess, they have loads of fun during their father-son moments.

It is always nice to see a parent having fun with their children even when the child is a baby.  What are some of the ways that you have fun with your kids?  Do you have a special memory from your childhood of the fun you had with your parents?  We hope you enjoy this week’s video and perhaps it might inspire you to spend a little extra time having fun with your kids this week!

When it's just the dudes at home.

Posted by Adam Ballard on Tuesday, February 7, 2017