Girl Argues With Her Dad About the Number 4

Whenever we are in a conversation or argument, we always want to be right.  Seriously, who wants to be wrong?  When you feel certain of something, it seems like no one can convince you that you are wrong.  We came across this cute and funny video of a young girl who argues with her dad about the number 4.

The young girl and her father are walking down a path while discussing the number 4.  She is convinced that the number 4 does not exist between the numbers 3 and 5.  Her father counts for her from 1 to 5 and tells her that the number 4 goes right after the number 3 and before the number 5.  She is insistent that the number 4 does not exist between the number 3 and the number 5.  They go back and forth several times.  The young girl is so cute as she is adamant that the number 4 does not exist.  Her mom, who is behind the camera and giggling, even gets in on the conversation but it is no use.  The young girl is so sure that she is right!

It seems like the conversation is going nowhere until the young girl’s mom asks her to count to four.  The girls counts, “1, 2, 3, 4!”  Both the young girl and her parents are elated that she recognizes that the number 4 really exists!  Her father tells her, “Point proven.”  However, the young girl seems to ignore her father and continues to count to the number 8.  Part of us thinks that she just didn’t want to admit she was wrong!  :)

We hope you enjoy this cute and funny video!