Try Tennis with TGA This Summer

Tennis with TGA Summer CampAbout a year ago, the United States Tennis Association Mid-Atlantic Section (USTA Mid-Atlantic), introduced a new tennis program to the RVA region called TGA Premier Youth Tennis. TGA introduces the lifelong sport of tennis at a young age through programs that provide a fun and enriching experience for children. The program offers a blend of skills development with character development and introduces STEM concepts for a fun and well-rounded experience.

According to the USTA, tennis is a non-contact, safe sport that develops health and fitness as well as hand-eye coordination, balance and body coordination. They also say tennis nurtures work ethic and discipline, all while teaching young players responsibility and sportsmanship. These aspects are fundamental to the TGA program, which stands for Teach, Grow, Achieve.

“Tennis is an ideal sport to introduce to younger children,” says Shannon Scarvey, TGA chapter director and community programs manager for USTA Mid-Atlantic. “Our programs use tennis equipment tailored just for kids such as smaller racquets and lower bouncing balls, and shorter courts, allowing for quicker success and even more fun with the game.”

Tennis with TGA Summer Camp

TGA Premier Youth Tennis camps provide expert instruction and exciting activities that keep children entertained. Camp ratios are kept low so that the coaching staff can provide ample individual attention and instruction tailored to the skill levels of the participants.

“Through our station-based approach, TGA camps provide students a great opportunity to learn, not only how to hit a forehand and a backhand, but tennis rules and etiquette, life skills, STEM and academic concepts, all in a fun and engaging atmosphere,” says Scarvey.

During a typical day at TGA tennis camp, participants will get moving with warm up exercises and stretches. Then it is on to rotating station activities where they may be paired up with a partner and work on hand-eye coordination activities, racquet handling and hitting over a net. Campers participate in fun games throughout the session such as red light, green light and jail break but with a tennis twist. Ever popular is the game “popcorn,” when kids race to catch one of several foam tennis balls thrown in the air, working their endurance and speed. Participants always have a chance to win daily prizes and can collect “winner tickets” throughout the week of camp for good sportsmanship and other positive actions.

Karie Percival enrolled her son in a TGA tennis camp in Richmond.

“My son very much enjoyed the camp. It was well organized, the coaches were great, and it was an overall excellent experience for him.”

In addition to providing a fun and enriching experience, TGA prides itself on being a convenient option for parents, hosting classes in schools, park and recreation sites, community centers and other neighborhood locations. During the summer, four and five-day half-day camps are being offered in the RVA.

Following summer camp, kids can continue building their skills through the TGA after school enrichment program. TGA after school programs are available in 20 schools in Richmond and are expanding. Paul of Midlothian, Va., had his grandson try TGA through the after school program.

“I grew up playing tennis, so I took him to the courts after the program was finished and was really very impressed with how he was hitting the ball. The fundamentals that he learned in his TGA program were just great, especially for a six-year-old. I could hit it back and forth with him a bit, and he wasn’t swinging for the fences like kids love to do. Of course there’s a natural ability that is part of learning tennis, but that can really be enhanced with good teaching, and Cayden really received that.”

Whether you are looking to provide your child the opportunity to learn a new sport such as tennis this summer or take their current game to the next level, TGA Premier Youth Tennis in Richmond has a program to fit your needs.

TGA Premier Youth Tennis summer camps are offered in Richmond in multiple locations. They are ideal for the beginner/intermediate between the age of 6 and 12 years old. Each camp participant receives a hat, water bottle, prizes and wristband and all tennis equipment is provided.

For more information and to register, visit Check out the program details or click on the Sign Up Today button to view locations, pricing and schedules. You can also contact TGA of RVA Chapter Director Shannon Scarvey at if you have questions or want to bring a TGA Premier Youth Tennis program to your school or neighborhood.