Twin Toddlers Party Hard at Night

Parents face a lot of challenges when it comes to taking care of their kids.  We try to feed them right, protect them from getting hurt, helping them to develop, and the list can go on and on.  When the children are very young, one challenge might top most parents’ lists.  It is getting their kids to go to sleep.  It can get exhausting and well, by the end of the night, parents might feel that the kids are really the ones running the house.  In this Share Saturday video, twin toddlers party hard instead of going to sleep.

Jonathan and Susana Balkin are parents of the twin toddlers, Andrew and Ryan.  Like most parents, they have a video monitoring system in the twin’s room to keep track of them.  One night when the twin toddlers should have been sleeping, the parents were witnessing them having the time of their lives.  It is just amazing the amount of energy that they have.  The parents come into the room twice to get them to go to sleep.  Unfortunately, they were not successful.  We loved the end when the boys are just sitting down on the couch just relaxing.  They must have had enough fun because they climbed into their cribs and went to sleep.  While parents sympathize with this couple, it is still a funny video!  Enjoy!