Funny Video About the Struggle of Everyday Chores

It feels like an eternal struggle to keep your house clean and organized.  Based on the mess in your house, it would appear that you have a family of 20 people when you really only have 4!  You just spent some time doing the dishes but within seconds, there are dirty ones in the kitchen.  The amount of things to clean can easily get you sidetracked from finishing a task.  You start cleaning one thing and then something comes up where you end up starting to clean something else.  One mom decided to take a lighthearted approach to this struggle of everyday chores.

Carolanne Milijavac created a hilarious video about the struggles that a mom goes through in cleaning a house.  She starts off in the video by saying that she needs to clean the house and prepares to do the dishes.  After opening the dishwasher, she bends over an realizes that the floor is a mess.  Her focus is not on the dishes anymore but now on the floor.  She decides to mop the floors but there are too many trash bags in the way.  She now decides to take the trash out but decides that if she is going to take the trash out, she needs to clean the fridge.  This process continues all day until she is just too tired to go on!  Her husband comes home and asks her what she did all day.  She responds with, “What did I do all day?  Look around.  I’ve been doing everything!  You don’t even know.”

Moms can definitely relate and will get some laughs from this Share Saturdays video!  Enjoy!