Dad’s Genius Baby Hack Stops His Son From Crying

Moms do so much to take care of their families.  Every so often, they need to take a break and recharge themselves.  Sometimes it doesn’t take much.  It might be a quick trip to Target by themselves or meeting up with friends at a coffee shop.  While moms are taking a break, dads have the task of taking care of the children.  When the child is a baby, it can get very interesting for the dads.  One dad, Eli Spector, experienced this first hand with his crying baby son.

Eli Spector was put in charge of taking care of his son while his wife stepped out to run some errands.  Unfortunately, Eli’s son gets very fussy when his mom is not around.  While it can be cute that the son misses his mom, it can also be very challenging for Eli.

This Share Saturday video starts off with Eli’s son crying and being fussy.  Eli decided to do some quick brainstorming and came up with the idea to use his wife’s dirty laundry.  He hoped that his wife’s scent would still be on the clothes and that his son would be comforted by it.  Shortly after Eli hands his son a piece of mom’s laundry, his son stops crying and actually cuddles with the dirty laundry!

This is a genius hack that all dads should try if their babies are in a fussy mood and the moms are not around.  Enjoy!