CottageCare House Cleaning Giveaway

Imagine this: You return home from a long day at work just totally exhausted.  The last thing on your mind is to clean the house.  You’ve been delaying this chore for the past couple of weeks but something needs to be done as the condition of your home is driving you nuts.  Have you thought about a house cleaning service?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have freedom from housework?

Well, CottageCare’s motto is exactly that.  “Freedom from housework … It’s a fabulous feeling.” And that it is for CottageCare customers all over the U.S. and Canada.  They have an office in Richmond (Stony Point Shopping Center at Huguenot & Forest Hill) and service all of Richmond plus the metro areas 25 miles around the city.


Here is some additional information from CottageCare:

  • You want clean? Their professionally trained staff KNOWS how to clean!  And ALL their employees are bonded and insured.
  • You want eco-friendly? CottageCare was “green” decades before being green was cool! They’ve been using non-toxic, non-abrasive cleaning products since the mid-1970’s.  Their goal has always been to protect the environment, their customers’ property, and the CottageCare crew members providing their services.
  • You want flexibility? With just one phone call they can give you a cleaning price quote and schedule your very first cleaning!  They can even set you up with multiple plan options.  Upstairs one week, up and down the next.  Maybe throw in the finished basement occasionally.  You can opt for weekly, EOW, or monthly cleanings. Going out of town and want to skip a cleaning…or having guests and want to add one?  Not a problem.  Their goal is to serve their customers and they offer flexibility like no other company in the industry!
  • CottageCare offers an exclusive “Clean-Sweep Guarantee”. If you are not satisfied with their cleaning, call within 24 hours and they will work to make sure you ARE satisfied.  If they can’t clean to your satisfaction, they will refund your money up to 100% (hourly and vacant cleanings excluded).

CottageCare of Richmond is honored to offer one reader a FREE house cleaning (up to $160) and ALL readers $50 off their first cleaning.

To sign up for your first cleaning and get $50 off…call their scheduling staff at 804-272-1257 and mention promo code RICHMONDMOM and get started!  Check them out at and be sure to visit their “How We Clean” YouTube link for a short, fun video of what to expect when CottageCare comes to your house to clean!

Enter below for a chance to win a FREE house cleaning (up to $160)!