Baby Wants His Dad’s Food

When our children are born, we want to do our best to take care of them.  We start reading food labels and try to make sure that our children get the best quality foods possible.  While there are many healthy food options available for our kids, the taste of these foods are another story.  We tried some baby food ourselves and let’s just say that we won’t be doing that again.  This might be the reason why we found a baby that really wants a bite of his dad’s food.

In this Share Saturdays video, a dad is spending some quality time with his baby son on the couch.  The dad decides to snack and grabs for a chip.  As he puts the chip into his mouth, his baby son opens his mouth and let’s his dad know that he would like one.  Unfortunately for the son, his dad eats it all.  The grin on dad’s face shows that he knows that he is teasing his son.  The dad eats two more chips and both times his son opens his mouth wanting them.  While his son is too young to be eating chips, we hope that his dad gives him a treat!

We hope you enjoy this cute video of a baby really wanting this dad’s food.

Cute Baby Wants Dad's Food

"Can I have a bite?"

Posted by Kyoot Kids on Sunday, November 20, 2016