Toddler Waiting for the Beat to Drop

There is something about music that just gets us going.  Many people have songs that put them in a great mood and energize them.  Once the song starts playing, you are grooving to the music and getting really into it.  It is fun to watch people getting into their music but what about young children?  We have an adorable video of a toddler waiting for the beat to drop on her favorite song, “Uptown Funk”, by Bruno Mars.

Maddie is a toddler sitting in her car seat without a care in the world.  “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars is being played in the car and she is just grooving away.  Maddie is rocking her head to the beat as the song builds up.  She raises her two fingers waiting for the beat to drop on the song.  Once it does, she is back to grooving again with a bit more attitude.  A little later on, she really gets into it as she swings her arms around.  After the song ends, she claps in approval.  Maddie is very adorable and she reminds us that sometimes you just need a break from things around you and get into a song.  We hope that you enjoy this week’s Share Saturdays video!