Girl Wants Her Shadow to Leave Her Alone

We have all been there.  We either spend the entire day at work surrounded by coworkers or at home surrounded by little people.  We are also connected to additional people through social media and our smart phones.  Once in a while, we just want some alone time.  Perhaps it is to take up a hobby or do absolutely nothing.  We all need to recharge.  In this Share Saturdays video, we found a young girl trying to be alone.  However, someone is not cooperating and it is really frustrating her.  So who is this person?  It is her shadow!

An adorable young girl is walking when she just wants her shadow to leave her alone.  She tells her shadow to get off but it doesn’t seem like it wants to comply.  The young girl tries everything.  She stomps.  She tries to swipe it away.  She lifts up her leg.  At one point, she thinks she has succeeded until her dad asks her if she was able to get the shadow off.  This makes the girl realize that she had failed again.  She stomps again at the shadow and even spins with no success.  The video ends with her expressing her frustrations.  We hope you enjoy this funny and adorable video!