Funny Video of Dad in Speedo Embarrassing His Teen Son

When you have teenagers, it doesn’t take too much to embarrass them in front of their peers.  From the clothes you wear to the way you wave at them, there will always be something that will embarrass them and ruin their social life.  I guess it is a talent that all parents have.  We can try to be the “cool” parent but we seem to embarrass them even more.  In this week’s Share Saturdays video, we have a dad dressed in a Speedo embarrassing his teen son!

Justin Beadles is the father of a teen son and his son had asked him if he could pick him up on the last day of school.  Justin agreed but he wanted to pick his son up in his own unique way.  Justin showed up in the school pick-up line dressed in a Speedo wearing medals.  He didn’t stay in the car.  No.  He got out and ran towards his son while shouting out his name!  Now, most kids would be horrified to see their dad in a Speedo.  We are not sure how Justin’s son felt when the whole school saw his dad.  You can tell that Justin’s son is in shock but he seems to react decently to it.  We actually see a slight smile at one point.  Perhaps he is used to his dad’s crazy antics!  We have to give it to Justin Beadle for his unique way in picking up his son.  We hope you enjoy this week’s video!

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Posted by Justin Beadles on Tuesday, May 23, 2017


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