Father Motivates Daughter with Morning Affirmations

Father’s Day is tomorrow and we are excited to celebrate and honor the fathers in our lives.  Fathers can protect and encourage us to be the best person possible.  For this Share Saturday video, we came across an amazing video of a father motivating and inspiring his daughter every morning.  This is refreshing in an age when we are bombarded by critical influences online.

Ron Alston is a YMCA program director and has an adorable daughter, Aliya.  When Ron was little, he and his father stood in front of a mirror every morning repeating positive affirmations.  He has continued this tradition with his daughter.  Every morning, he and Aliya stand in front of a mirror repeating positive affirmations to encourage and strengthen her.  Some of the phrases they would say are “I am strong,” “I am smart,” “I work hard,” “I am beautiful,” and “I am respectful.”

Why does Ron do this?  “The world will try to tear [children] down in many ways, but they must know they are unique and great in their own way,” Ron said.  He hopes that this ritual will build Aliya up each morning and remind her that she is great.

The way Ron motivates his daughter is inspiring and contagious.  Many parents have responded to the video with notes of thanks as well as their desire to start a similar tradition with their children.  This video is a great reminder of the impact that fathers and mothers have on their children and how they can prepare them to take on the world.



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