When Your Dad is a Twin

When you are a baby, everything is new and confusing.  You are doing your best to keep your head from flopping over while trying to make sense of this world.  People are always in your face making strange noises expecting some kind of response from you.  This world has so many stimulants that it can be overwhelming.  In the midst of your development, you start to recognize the people that are taking care of you.  You start to recognize your parents.  What would happen if one of your parents has a twin?  What if you saw your parent and the twin at the same time?  It can lead to a very confusing and funny situation.  In this week’s Share Saturday, we have a father and his twin interacting with his baby.

Stephen Ratpojanakul and his wife have an adorable 16-month-old son Reed.  Stephen asked his brother if he and his wife could look after Reed for a short period of time.  When Stephen and his wife returned to pick up Reed, Reed got confused on who was his actual dad.  You see, Stephen and his brother are identical twins.  In the video below, Reed starts off by pointing to his real dad (in the gray sweater) and calling out, “Dada!”  He then turns to find his uncle who looks exactly like his dad and calls out, “Dada.”  Reed is starting to get really confused.  Reed goes back and forth until his dad and his uncle break down in laughter.  When you think it couldn’t get any worse for Reed, guess what?  Stephen’s wife and his brother’s wife are sisters.  They are also twins!



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