Cute Baby Celebrating Freedom From Being Unswaddled

Imagine this.  You casually wake up in the morning and you have no care in the world.  Someone feeds you, does your laundry, cleans after you, and keeps you company all day long.  For many parents, this may sound like a dream.  However, if you are a baby, it isn’t always great.  Life can actually be tough for babies.  Since they are not self sufficient, they rely on everybody else to help them.  Sometimes they have to put up with certain situations like being swaddled.  Kids may or may not like it, but we know of one baby that is excited about his freedom after being unswaddled.

Kaden is a cute 4-month-old baby boy.  His parents swaddle him and he seems to enjoy it.  However, when his parents free him from the blanket, he throws his hands up as if he is celebrating his new freedom.  His parents decided to have some fun with Kaden’s hands up response and put the video to some appropriate music.  Here are some of our favorites:

Braveheart – (Time: 0:05) – They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!  (We know that this isn’t from a song but it was so appropriate!)

YMCA – (Time: 0:27) – Kaden does the “Y” in the famous YMCA chorus.

Kaden expressions are also priceless.  His smiles and stretching really lets you know that he enjoys his freedom!

This video is for all the babies out there enjoying their freedom after being unswaddled!  We hope you enjoy this cute and funny Share Saturday video!