Amazing Dog Helps to Change Baby’s Diaper

Parents will tell you that having a baby is one of the most amazing things that a person can experience.  Watching them experience the world can be so precious.  Then reality hits and the same parents will also tell you that it is one of the most difficult things they have ever done.  Some how a little person can make you so exhausted that you struggle to stay coherent and you beg for mercy.  Ok.  Perhaps it is not that bad but it certainly feels that way.  You welcome any and all help.  For one family, they found help in their amazing dog that helps them change their baby’s diaper!

Like most families, Daniel and Julia have a family pet.  It is an adorable beagle named Charlie.  He loves to learn new tricks and being a part of the family.  Daniel and Julia also have a 2-month-old daughter, Laura Olivia.  It just seemed natural for Daniel and Julia to teach Charlie to help them change Laura Olivia’s diaper.  In this Share Saturday video, you will see Charlie bring over the baby wipes, a diaper, and then even diaper rash cream.  This is when it gets real.  Charlie even takes care of the dirty diaper.  He grabs it off of the changing table and takes it over to the diaper pail.  While helpful, we would be concerned that Charlie might make a mess taking care of the dirty diaper.

Enjoy this week’s video of Charlie helping to change the baby’s diaper!



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