Dad Finally Gets a Boy

There is nothing like becoming a parent.  The unexplainable joy of growing the family and bringing a precious life into this world.  The news can be overwhelming for some as they start to ponder the immense responsibility that is coming their way.  In the midst of all of this, parents may be curious about the gender of the baby.  While many parents are just excited that they are having a baby, some are secretly hoping for a specific gender.  For instance, a mom-to-be might be leaning more towards wanting a girl so that she can teach her things and have that special mother-daughter bond.  A dad-to-be would be no different with his desire for a son.  In this week’s Share Saturday video, one dad is so ecstatic that he finally get a boy!

One family has had a long history of having girls.  If you include families from both sides, there have been 20 girls in 9 years! The father has had only girls up to this point and was expecting another girl when his wife got pregnant with their fourth child.  He was so convinced that it was going to be a girl that they had picked out a girl’s name for the baby.  Whenever someone asked him if he was trying for a boy, his response was, “No, 4 girls!”  He never wanted his three daughters to feel like they weren’t wanted.

When the time finally came to give birth to the fourth child, the father was not expecting the baby to be a boy at all.  So when the doctor told him that it was a boy after delivering the baby, he was in total shock!  He lets out screams of “Yes” and “Finally”.  He still couldn’t believe it and so he has to ask the doctor if she was sure.  The father’s reaction will bring a smile to your face!



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