Girl Freaks Out Getting Flu Shot

One of things that parents don’t enjoy doing when they have kids is to take them to the doctor’s office for shots.  It can be difficult to see your little child being given a shot and then see them cry.  You hope that over time they can get better with it.  But let’s be honest.  Adults struggle with getting shots too.  While we know that the shots help us, seeing that needle instills fear.  Our brain takes over and the fear just grows.  It seems like that is what happened in this week’s Share Saturday video as a girl freaks out about getting a flu shot.

A 9-year old girl is getting ready to get her flu shot.  She seems calm and not afraid of the needle.  All of a sudden her old brother, who just got his flu shot, tells her that the pain from the shot was way worse than he thought.  His statement flips a switch in her and she starts to freak out.  She pulls away from the nurse who is prepping her arm and continues to freak out.  The girl tells the nurse to go ahead with the shot but continues to be hysterical.  Without the girl realizing, the nurse quickly gives her the shot.  As the nurse prepares to put a band-aid on her arm, the girl continues to lose it!  There are times it looks like she is about to faint.  We have to hand it to the nurse as she handled the situation perfectly.

Hopefully your kids are able to stay calm when they receive their shots!  We hope you enjoy this week’s video!


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