Mom’s Funny Rant About Themed Weeks at Her Kids’ School

If you have kids in elementary school, it is highly likely that at some point you have received a piece of paper or an email explaining the themed weeks that the school will be holding.  It can range from crazy hat day to wear pajamas to school.  Sometimes the schools can go crazy and have Camo Day or Tie Dye Day.  For parents, these themed weeks can be a nightmare.  First, participation is not mandatory but you don’t like the thought that your child might be one of the few not dressing up.  Second, you may have to stop by a store or two to pick up some supplies which can be a nuisance.  These themed weeks can be frustrating for parents and one mom’s funny rant about them is on point!

Melissa Radke is a mom of two children and she just received a sheet of paper explaining Red Ribbon Week at school.  It outlines what the children should wear to school each day of the special week.  The goal of Red Ribbon Week is to encourage the kids to lead drug-free lives.  Melissa states, “That is a lie.  That is not the goal.  The goal is to drive moms crazy with different outfits every day.”  She goes on to question whether or not these outfits will actually teach the children to not do drugs.  One day’s theme is “We’re too bright for drugs.  Wear neon.”  Melissa rants that if a child becomes addicted to drugs in the future, the parents will think that their kids didn’t wear bright enough clothes during Wear Neon day.  The school’s goal is admirable but these weeks can be frustrating.  We hope you enjoy Melissa’s hilarious take on these themed weeks!