Funny Video About Parenting In The Social Media Age

In this social media age, we are sharing all kinds of information 24/7.  We may be sharing what we eat, what we wear, and what we are doing.  When it comes to parenting in the social media age, it can get to another level.  Some parents believe that they must share everything about their children because the whole world is just waiting for it.  The truth is that not a lot of people will care that your child took a bite out of a pancake and now it remotely resembles the Statue of Liberty.  Outside of a close group of friends and family, most people would feel that parents over share.  Believe it or not, The Wall Street Journal states that parents on average will post almost 1,000 pictures of a child online before the child turns 5.  Perhaps we as parents can tone it down a bit.  If we had to guess, social media posting is probably the worst for new parents as they want to capture everything about their child and share it with the world.

This funny video makes fun of this unique situation that the social media age has brought.  The new parents in this video struggle with a solution to their problem.  Their child is wearing the same outfit as before.  The father suggests that they don’t post a picture of their child that day.  The mother’s response is our favorite line in the video.  She yells, “It’s 9:33 AM and we haven’t even posted anything yet.  People will think he’s dead!”