Most Popular Costumes in Richmond for 2017

Frightgeist - Popular CostumesHappy Halloween!  The day has finally come!  There will be parties, trick-or-treating, and fun to be had by the entire family.  An integral part of Halloween is the costume of course.  As your family prepares for an evening of fun, have you ever wondered what the most popular costumes are? If you were ever curious, you are in luck!

Google has launched its annual Frightgeist website where it shows you the most popular costumes in various cities around the country.  So what is the most popular costume in Richmond?  It is the rabbit.  Did it catch you by surprise?  Here are popular costumes from other cities in Virginia:

  • Norfolk: Wonder Woman
  • Roanoke: Rabbit
  • Charlottesville: Unicorn
  • Harrisonburg: Angel
  • Washington DC: Wonder Woman

It is interesting to see the popular costumes of other cities.  Some of them may surprise you.  Here are some surprises:

  • Bend, Oregon: Tree
  • Rockford, Illinois: Pig
  • Casper, Wyoming: Elephant
  • Idaho Falls, Idaho: Bumblebee
  • Laredo, Texas: Medusa

If you are curious about the rest of the country or the other trending costumes, visit Google’s Frightgeist: click here

Whether you are a tree, a unicorn, an angel, or something else, we hope that your family has a fun and safe time during Halloween!