Boy Gets Excited Seeing His First Christmas Decorations

Christmas is just a magical time of year no matter how old you are.  The Christmas decorations transform our homes and neighborhoods into a winter wonderland.  The wreathes, twinkling lights, vibrant ornaments, and red bows create scenery that leave us in awe.  So imagine if you are seeing Christmas decorations for the first time.  What would your reaction be?  Well, one mom was able to take a video of her young on and his reaction to seeing Christmas decorations for the very first time!

Hannah Law dropped by Costco to do some shopping with her little boy, Mick.  It wasn’t Thanksgiving yet, but Costco was filled with Christmas decorations.  Watch Mick as he becomes very animated and can’t contain his excitement as he sees Christmas related items.  Aisle after aisle, Mick is just in awe.  We hope that your family is excited for the holidays just as much as Mick!


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