Viral Thanksgiving Prank

Thanksgiving is a time for families to take a break from their busy lives to get together and spend quality time.  We reflect on things in our lives that we are thankful for like our kids.  We are especially thankful for them when we want to pull a Thanksgiving prank and they would be the best victims!

In this video, a family has just finished roasting a turkey and is starting to prep it for the table.  The mom is recording their Thanksgiving meal and introduces her daughter who is scooping out the stuffing from inside the turkey.  After a few moments, the daughter tells her mom that the stuffing has been completely removed from the turkey.  The mom responds by saying that there isn’t enough stuffing and leads her daughter into looking inside the turkey once more.  Her daughter notices another turkey inside the turkey!  She asks, “Why is there a turkey inside a turkey?”  The daughter starts to put some thoughts together in her head and starts to become hysterical.  She assumes that the smaller turkey is a baby and that they had just cooked a mom and a baby turkey together.  The mom tries to explain that it is a prank but the daughter is too hysterical.  At least, it sounds like everyone else had a good laugh! hopes that your holidays are filled with family, friend, and laughter!