HGTV Tree Hunters – Funny Video About Buying Christmas Trees

Every year around December, many families ponder the same question.  What kind of Christmas tree should we get? There are several factors to consider.  Should the tree be artificial or should we consider only live trees?  If we are only looking at live Christmas trees, what kind of tree should we get?  A Douglas Fir? Perhaps a Blue Spruce? HGTV, a tv channel known for its house hunting shows, decided to make a funny video about buying a Christmas tree and they called it HGTV Tree Hunters.

Most of us have heard of the tv show, House Hunters. The program focuses on a home buyer who has specific requirements.  A real estate agent shows the buyer several homes that might meet the buyer’s requirements.  In the end, the buyer decides on one of the homes that he or she saw on the show.

In this Share Saturday video, HGTV actually makes fun of itself and House Hunters by mimicking it with Christmas trees.  Instead of a real estate agent, the show has a tree broker, Basil Coppertone.  Basil shows several Christmas tree options to a young couple.  If you are a fan of House Hunters, this video will surely make you laugh.  There are tons of puns and silly comments.  In the end, the young couple makes an unexpected decision so make sure you watch until the end of the video!

We want to wish your family a Merry Christmas and we hope you were able to find that perfect Christmas tree!