Baby Girl Just Doesn’t Like to Share

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, there is something in the air that causes people to be a bit nicer and more generous.  (Well, every day except Black Friday.)  The lights, the music, and the decorations all add to the atmosphere.  In addition to everything, we are also looking to buy gifts for our friends and family and so, it is just easy to be in the giving mood.  Well, we came across this video of a very young girl who doesn’t like to share her maracas.

Tegan Purdy is a young girl who loves her maracas.  The mere sound of her maracas being played with by someone else causes her great discomfort.  In this Share Saturday video, we see her dad playing with her maracas only to have her run into the living room while telling her dad, “No. No. No. No.”  She quickly takes them away and places it far from her dad.  She also gives him a look making it clear that she doesn’t like him playing with the maracas.  Tegan walks away from the room only to hear her dad playing with the maracas.  She seems to scold him with her eyes as she takes them away once more.  This repeats a few more times and then Tegan had enough.  She doesn’t seem to trust her dad anymore and believes he will only play with them again.  Tegan resorts to taking the maracas away!

We hope you enjoy this cute and funny video!



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