Airport Employee Busts a Move on the Tarmac

One of the most frequent ways to travel is to fly on an airplane.  For many people, flying on an airplane is second nature.  You feel just at home in an airplane as you do in a car.  With the exception of the tight cramped seats, you feel comfortable traveling thousands of miles in the air.  Unfortunately, there are some of us that struggle with flying.  We get anxious and nervous.  The turbulence in the air definitely does not help.  Anything that could help alleviate some of the tension would be a blessing. One airport employee in Rochester, New York busts a move on the tarmac to bring smiles to passengers on the airplanes.

Kyran Ashford is the employee and he is the Operations Agent for a company contracted with Southwest Airlines.  So why does he dance on the tarmac? He wants to show that you can have fun on your job no matter what’s going on in your life. His dance moves have gone viral and he has brought laughter and smiles to the lucky passengers who are able to see him.  It would be a great distraction for nervous flyers.



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