Best Sledding Spots in Richmond

It’s almost that time of year again, folks! And by “that time of year,” I mean snow. And by “snow,” I, of course, mean sledding. For some people, this is the highlight of the winter season. While I’m more of a “sit by the warm fire with hot chocolate and a good book” kind of girl, there’s nothing my kids love more than bundling themselves up in countless layers, waddling to the nearest hill and throwing themselves down – usually head first. Sometimes, they even use sleds.

My youngest daughter once announced to a fellow sled-mother soon after we arrived to our favorite sledding hill, “We’re lucky our mom loves us. It’s the only reason she comes out here.” And love them, I do. So, while I do need to be more careful about what I mumble under my breath when getting them bundled up in their snow suits, I also make it my job to know the coolest (no pun intended) sledding hills in town. I mean, if you’re going to do it, do it right…right?

But what makes a “good” sledding spot, exactly? With winter weather in the forecast pretty much every year, we’ve wanted to share some of our favorite sledding hills and locations. And, for us, when choosing a “good” sledding spot, these are the things that matter:

  1. A variety of steep and not-so-steep hills for both the “big” kids and the little ones.
  2. Plenty of open space at the bottom of the hills for a safe, gliding stop.
  3. Proximity to roads cleared by the city so that driving/parking is possible if you don’t live close enough to walk.

The following ten spots in Richmond will more than meet your sledding needs—even if that need is to wear the kids out and guarantee a good night’s sleep for everyone involved. Be sure to check out our top ten spots, but in the meantime, if you have a favorite sledding spot, we would love to hear about it. Send us an email at!

Here are some sledding spots that are a lot of fun but just didn’t make our list this year:

Battery Park
Located at the corner of Hawthorne Avenue and Overbrook Road

Byrd Middle School
Located at 9400 Quioccasin Rd, VA 23238

Deep Run Park
Located at 9900 Ridgefield Parkway, Henrico, VA 23233

Enon Elementary School
Located at 2001 E Hundred Rd, Chester, VA 23836

Westham Park
Located on Baldwin Road just off Patterson Avenue in the West End


Now to the list of ten spots that hit all the marks and make for a fabulous morning or afternoon of sledding fun.


10. Libby Hill Park

Libby-Hill-Park-SleddingBill Dickinson via Flickr (Creative Commons)

As one of the original parks in the Richmond City Park system, this historic park offers one of the best skyline views in the city. And then there’s the sledding. If you’re looking for speed, then Libby Hill Park is the place to go. Located in Richmond’s historic Church Hill, the hills at Libby Hill Park will have you – and your heart rate – going at top speed.

Why we love it: If you’re going to spend an afternoon throwing yourself around in the snow, then you might as well enjoy the view! The views of the city from this historic park are hard to beat, even when you’re barreling down a snow-covered hill.

Where to find it:
Located at 28th Street and East Franklin Street
2801 East Franklin Street
Richmond, VA 23223

Open from sunrise to sunset.
Visit Richmond City Parks’ Libby Hill Park website to learn more.


9. Boatwright Hill at the University of Richmond

Sledding Image

Situated in front of the University of Richmond’s Boatwright Library, Boatwright Hill is a sledder’s dream come true. With an exciting ride guaranteed from top to bottom, the hill offers a long slope with plenty of room to stop at the bottom. And, of course, the fact that it’s set on one of the prettiest college campuses in the state doesn’t hurt. The only downside is you’ll want to get there early—or at least before the college kids wake up and head out for the hill themselves.

Why we love it: With easy access, Boatwright Hill is a great spot for family sledding. The University of Richmond campus is easy-to-find and offers parking nearby. Large open spaces help to ensure safety, plus, thanks to the college campus surrounding the hill, you won’t have to worry about busy streets or cars.

University of Richmond
28 Westhampton Way
Richmond, VA 23173
(804) 289-8876


8. Chimborazo Park

Chimborazo-Park-SleddingY and H Mercantile

If the speed and excitement of Libby Hill Park prove to be too much, have no fear, just a few blocks down you’ll find another of our favorite sledding spots at Chimborazo Park. This park is great for a couple of reasons. First, it has some smaller, gentler hills that are better for smaller sledders (or those who prefer a more leisurely sledding speed….like me). Secondly, because the best hills for kids are located behind the year-round dog park, you are welcome to bring your fluffy friends along for the fun. (Of course, you’ll want to respect other sledders and keep your pets on a leash unless they are inside the dog park fence.)

Why we love it: In addition to the fact that it offers a variety of hills, with 30+ acres, there’s plenty of space for sledding. Plus, like Libby Hill Park, it offers stunning city views.

Where to find it:
Located in Church Hill at 32nd Street and East Broad Street.
3201 East Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23223

Open from sunrise to sunset.
Visit Richmond City Parks’ Chimborazo Park website to learn more.


7. Powhatan Hill Park


Located in Richmond’s far east end, Powhatan Park offers sledding for all skill levels. With a great hill located just next to the playground (double bonus), you’ll enjoy a smooth, even ride that’s just right for kids and adults. And with plenty of open space, and more importantly, plenty of room to come to a nice slow stop, it’s the perfect place for less experienced sledders, as well as seasoned pros. You’ll find the best hill just above Gillie’s Creek at Williamsburg and Fulton Streets.

Why we love it: Powhatan Hill Park is just next to the Powhatan Community Center. The center offers programs throughout the year; so before or after sledding, you can sign the kids up for activities or enjoy the gym, game rooms, and more. If you have folks in your family with little fingers and toes that tend to get too cold after awhile in the snow, or you just want to take advantage of a full day out of the house, this park is an ideal spot for sledding and much, much more.

Powhatan Hill Park
Williamsburg Road & Northampton Street
Richmond, VA 23227
(804) 646-5733


6. Byrd Park

Byrd-Park-SleddingWTVR CBS 6/ Youtube

Richmonders have been bringing their sleds to this popular city park for decades. As a favorite destination year-round, Byrd Park has been a hot spot for sledding since the 1950s. Many sledders flock to Reservoir Hill or take the leisurely hill leading down the to the park’s famous Swan Lake. And because the park offers 387 acres to enjoy, finding the perfect sledding spot is never a challenge! This park is located just at the end of Boulevard near Maymont Park. Because there are major roads nearby, you should be able to access the park as soon as roads are cleared.

Why we love it: The fact that there’s plenty of winter wonderland to explore (The Carillon, Dogwood Dell, the lakes, etc) makes this park a perfect spot, even after you’re done sledding.

Where to find it:
600 South Boulevard
Richmond, VA 23220

Open from sunrise to sunset.
Visit the Richmond City Parks’ Byrd Park webpage to learn more.


5. Gambles Hill Park

Gambles Hill Park
Gambles Hill Park via

While the name implies a bit more risk than you might want to take, especially with nothing between you and the snow but a plastic disc, trust us when we say this is a spot you won’t want to miss. Located just behind the Ethyl Corporation building off 4th and Byrd Street, this park offers large hills for varying skill levels. Open spaces discourage too much crowding and you’ll find a variety of parking lots nearby. Easily accessible by foot, this park provides exciting sledding for the whole family, not to mention some beautiful city views. Just be sure to slow down before you hit the street!

Why we love it: In 1760, Gambles Hill was home to the estate of William Byrd, the founder of Richmond. Later, Gambles Hill Park became one of the city’s first public parks. While it hasn’t completely retained its former glory, when the Ethyl Corporation purchased the land they built their main building in a Classic Revival style, paying homage to the area’s history. And with a location near the Virginia War Memorial and within walking distance of the historic Canal Walk, you’ll not only get some great sledding, but you’ll get a peek at our city’s history, as well.

Gambles Hill Park
S 2nd St & Spring Street
Richmond, VA 23220
(804) 646-5733

4. Hollywood Cemetery

Hollywood Cemetery
Hollywood Cemetery / Facebook / photo credit: Jeff Tomlin

Before you decide that cemeteries and sledding are an odd combination, remember that Hollywood Cemetery is no ordinary cemetery. This historic Richmond landmark is a trip through time. With some of the most iconic grave markers, statues, and mausoleums in the state (if not the country), the cemetery is hauntingly beautiful…and is only that much more beautiful when covered in fluffy, white snow. But what makes it a sledding hotspot is not just the scenery, but the large hill near the back of the cemetery. Perfect for sliding down with sleds or tubes, this hill is a favorite for many Richmond residents—ourselves included.

Why we love it: With parking and paths that typically stay cleared in the snow, you’ll find that getting around Hollywood Cemetery is easy. The hill towards the rear of the grounds is perfect for all ages…and of course, is clear of headstones and other obstacles. But best of all, it offers a beautiful view of the James River. So while the kids race ahead to see who can be first down the hill, you might just want to take your time enjoying the tranquil, eerie beauty of this historic site.

Hollywood Cemetery
412 S Cherry St
Richmond, Virginia 23220
(804) 648-8501


3. Bryan Park

Bryan-Park-SleddingFriends of Bryan Park

If you’re on the North side, then you probably already know that Bryan Park is the place to be when the winter weather hits. After a good coating of snow, the disc golf course at Bryan Park becomes a sledder’s paradise, full of open space and great hills in a variety of sizes.

Why we love it: Because Bryan Park is located near the I-95 interchange just up Hermitage Road, as soon as the snow settles, roads should be cleared, making it easily accessible while the snow is still fresh.

Where to find it:
Located at Hermitage Road and Lakeside Avenue
4308 Hermitage Road
Richmond, VA 23227

Open from sunrise to sunset.
Visit Richmond City Parks’ Bryan Park webpage or Friends of Bryan Park to learn more.


2. Maymont

Maymont Sledding
Maymont / Facebook

This beloved Richmond park is full of fun activities throughout the year. But when it is covered in white, that’s when the real fun begins. With a number of hills situated throughout the park, you’re sure to find one that’s right for you. From slightly steeper hills for speed seekers, to gentle slopes for smaller sledders, Maymont has it all. Just as a note of precaution, the park will close if conditions are considered too dangerous, so you might want to call ahead first!

Why we love it: Maymont is the ultimate family-friendly sledding destination. Free admission, walking trails, ample parking, and plenty of space makes Maymont an ideal place for kids of all ages—and their parents, too. Some of the best spots include the hill at the Nature Center, the hill near the Dooley’s Mansion, and the hill behind the Children’s Farm.

1700 Hampton Street
Richmond, VA 23220
(804) 358-7166

Check their Facebook page or call them (804-358-7166) for when they open their grounds to sledding: Maymont’s Facebook Page


1. Forest Hill Park

Forest-Hill-Park-SleddingFriends of Forest Hill Park / Facebook

As one of the most popular sledding spots in the entire city (as evidenced by the fact that it almost always ends up on the local news during “sledding season”), this beautiful, historic park is a winner all year round. But as soon as the snow falls, locals come running to this Southside favorite. With plenty of wide open spaces, this park is the perfect place to bring your sleds, tubes or toboggans. And because it’s a city park, it’s well-maintained and offers plenty of cleared roads for driving and parking. But best of all, it offers gentle slopes, as well as steeper hills to satisfy every kind of sledder – from the newbies to the daredevils.

Why we love it: While the park does get crowded during a good snow, the large hills offers plenty of wide-open space to prevent crashes.

Where to find it:
Located at Forest Hill Avenue and West 41st Street
4021 Forest Hill Avenue
Richmond, VA 23225

Open from sunrise to sunset
Visit Richmond City Parks’ Forest Hill Park webpage or Friends of Forest Hill Park to learn more.


Make sure to bundle the family and get ready for some winter fun!  Also, stock up on winter essentials while they’re still in the stores and get ready for a fabulous sledding season! In the meantime, let us know about your favorite Richmond sledding spots.

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