Heartwarming Video of a Son Telling His Dad That He Made the Olympic Team

As parents, there is nothing better than sharing in your children’s happiness.  Their accomplishments, both big and small, can make you smile from ear to ear and beam with pride.  No one understands the hard work that was needed better than the parents.  It is a special moment when parents get to share in the accomplishments.  In this week’s Share Saturday video, watch as a son tells his father that he has made the U.S. Olympic hockey team.

NHL this year announced that it is not pausing its season for the Winter Olympics and therefore, NHL players wouldn’t be on the U.S. Olympic hockey team.  This created a unique opportunity for hockey players from colleges and other leagues.  For Bobby Butler, a forward for the Milwaukee Admirals, it was a dream come true.  When the U.S. Olympic hockey team announced their roster, Bobby Butler was on it.  He was ecstatic and wanted to share this amazing news with his father.  So when Bobby’s father walks in on a practice, Bobby skates over and greets him with a handshake.  This quickly changes to a bear hug when Bobby tells him the great news.  You can tell that this was a joyful moment for the father.